A Beginner’s Guide on Learning Vaping Techniques

A Beginner’s Guide on Learning Vaping Techniques

With the proliferation of e-cigarettes, more and more people are indulging in vaping. If you are a newcomer, it pays to know things about it for your ultimate experience. Vaping is the act of inhaling a vapor that is generated by an e-cigarette or vaporizer. Different materials like dry herb, concentrate or e-liquid produce the vapor. Of all the materials, e-liquids are the most common.

Vaporizer or V2 Cigs UK is comprised of three things – battery, atomizer and the cartridge. The battery is the source of power and it can be rechargeable or disposable. The atomizer, on the other hand, uses the power from the battery to produce heat. Finally, the cartridge or tank is where the e-liquid is stored to be converted into vapor later. The e-liquids are also called e-juice. It is made of VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol) base and flavorings. It can contain nicotine. There are different varieties of e-liquids from basic fruity flavors to complicated blends.

Many people overlook the techniques of vaping. You have to know that the way your mouth interacts with the vapor when you are inhaling can make or break your vaping experience. With this, you have to know the different techniques of vaping to greatly improve your experience. There are two basic techniques that include MTL (Mouth to Lung) and DL (Direct Lung). Remember that each technique yields different results. Here are the things that you should know about them:

Vaping Techniques


As the name suggests, you take the vapor into your mouth first and then inhale it to the lungs. Actually, this technique is similar to the way a cigarette is smoked. This technique is ideal for tanks that employ high ohm coils (around 1.0 ohms and above). The e-liquid contains a high proportion of PG together with the nicotine strength you prefer.

The advantage of MTL is it uses less e-liquid or e-juice. This is because of the slow inhalation process. Another advantage is the vape is cooler because it uses low battery power, which decreases the risk of it becoming too hot. Since this is similar to the way a cigarette is smoked, this is helpful for those who are trying to quit smoking. More importantly, MTL has better flavor. The disadvantage is it is weaker compared to DL. This means that the hit is less intense thereby less satisfying. It is also outdated.


DL means drawing the vapor straight to the lungs. It is like sucking the air from a balloon. The experience is also similar to using shisha pipe. This technique is the most common among vapers. It has a more intense hit compared to MTL. This requires sub-ohm vape mod. This means that the liquid should have high VG and low PG. The nicotine level should be 6 mg and below.

The advantage of DL is it is more satisfying because of the intense hit. DL is also ideal for generating thick clouds of vapor. Lastly, the vapor generated will dissipate quickly. The disadvantage is that DL brings more risks like harsh throat hits. Many people reported that DL could be overpowering because you are taking the vapor in one hit together with nicotine.

Aside from the two basic techniques, you can consider other techniques like French inhale, snap inhale and hybrid hit.

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