– How to save anonymity online

Do you still think that using Bitcoin is safe and confidential? Then, we have to tell you that this is not so. Find out how to protect your anonymity online using

What is is the service that helps you stay anonymous during your Bitcoin transactions. The service mixes the coins you want to withdraw, hiding all the traces about where the coins come from. The process of using the service is very simple and can be explained in the following steps:


  • You want to withdraw your Bitcoins
  • You send them to the service
  • The service mixes the coins and sends you anonymized bitcoins
  • You received your money that can’t be traced

Alternative anonymization methods

The idea to hide tracksarose among developers of cryptocurrencies because it was an excellent opportunity to withdraw bitcoinshiding all the information about the sender and the recipient. If the main crypto currency happens to have a serious drawback, then this is like a real chance for other cryptocurrencies to declare themselves. Therefore, it is logical that more and more digital money, which is ready to protect the data of its users, appears today.

If the Dash and Monerocoins just entangle the chain of transactions, and in special cases, deanonymization is possible, not so long ago,the Zcash cryptocurrency was created – the first fully anonymous coin. In the transaction database of this system, absolutely nothing about the operation is displayed – itis simply stated that it was. It can be a great safe alternative to bitcoin.

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