Smart Phone Accessories – Universal Phone Charger on the Horizon

It has been mooted for some time currently yet there ultimately appears to be substantial developments relating to a global cell phone battery charger. The brand-new energy-efficient gadget could be introduced as early as next year according to the International Telecommunication Union. Today the United Nations body accepted plans for the global charger, readied to be a one-size-fits-all mobile accessory. It appears to be a crucial moment in improving the ecological effectiveness of mobile phone chargers.

The release of an energy-efficient global phone battery charger will certainly cause a reduction in the manufacturing of greenhouse gases by 13.6 million tones on a yearly basis, according to GSM Association profession body. A global tool will also considerably reduce the variety of redundant chargers when individuals update their phones, presently amounting approximately 51,000 tons of waste every year. Whilst initially the universal phone battery chargers might require time to infiltrate the consumer market, it will at some point allow users to make use of the exact same charger regardless of future upgrades or different makes and also versions. The layout of the battery charger will be centered on a micro-USB interface, with an efficiency ranking of four stars or even more. A variety of the world’s greatest smart phone devices suppliers have actually already climbed aboard, with Samsung, Nokia as well as Sony Ericsson currently getting to contract for the product.

Malcolm Johnson, director of ITU’s Telecommunication Standardization Bureau, stated: This is a substantial step in minimizing the environmental impact of mobile charging, which likewise has the benefit of making cell phone usage much more uncomplicated. Universal chargers are a common-sense service that I look forward to seeing in various other areas. A global smart phone battery charger will certainly be ideal as a back-up replacement for your phone’s model-specific battery charger. An universal charger will alleviate the headache of taking a trip on the step by enabling users to obtain any individual else’s global charger for use regardless of mobile design. Discover more

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